Covid Vaccine

- It is our recommendation that children 12 and above get vaccinated with the currently authorized Pfizer mRNA Covid vaccine.

- Please see our video: detailing the risk/benefit assessment of the Covid vaccine.

- We are not administering the vaccine in our office at this time. There are many convenient vaccination options available through the area’s local pharmacies.

- Children who have had Covid should consider getting a vaccine 90 days after their infection The risk of significant illness with a second infection in an otherwise healthy child is extremely low, so we suggest you discuss this with your physician when in the office for more detailed discussion if you have questions about the risks/benefits.

- There is currently no vaccine approved for children under 12. The best estimates indicate that vaccine trials in this age group will not be completed until sometime this winter.

- We do not recommend children under 12 trying to get the vaccine until study data for this age group is released and reviewed. It should be noted that the vaccine trials are using lower vaccine doses in this group, so there is virtually no safety information for children in this age group getting the vaccine approved for 12 and up.