Refill, Referral and Record Requests

Refill requests are generally completed within 48 hours. Sometimes these require insurance authorization which can take time, so refills should be called in sufficiently early so that your child does not run out of medication. Things to remember: We do not refill antibiotic prescriptions. Stimulant medications for ADHD cannot be refilled or mailed to your home, and must be picked up in our office per state law. We require yearly well-child exams in order to refill medications for those children with chronic medical conditions that require routine monitoring.

Referral pre-authorization is required by certain insurance plans in order for your child to be seen by a specialist. We generally are unable to obtain same day referral authorization, and we cannot retroactively authorize visits for non-emergent specialist care.

Transfer of medical records is sometimes necessary because of family relocation or insurance changes. We will be glad to provide a complete copy of your medical record after receiving a signed, written request as required by law. If we have records from prior physicians in our chart, we will also forward these if you specify their release in your request. All requests for medical records will be assessed a nominal fee, as specified by Texas Law. The Texas State Board of Medical Examiners requires us to provide the records within 15 days of receipt of payment, unless a medical emergency exists. For your convenience, we can usually provide a one-page summary (list of dates of service and diagnosis only) and immunization records within 48 hours at no charge.