COVID-19 Office Policy Update

As part of our ongoing efforts to limit contact with COVID-19 for our patients and our staff, we are implementing the following procedures:

  • All office visits will be by appointment only; meaning no walk-in clinic or walk-in appointments. Patients that walk-in the office will be directed back out of the office so that they can first be triaged by our staff over the telephone.
  • Well visits will be seen continuously in the morning until lunch time. Before 1 PM, patients with respiratory symptoms (specifically fever, cough or sore throat) or who have had high-risk COVID exposure will not be permitted in the office. After 1 PM, we will have a deep cleaning of the office, and then we will see sick patients with respiratory complaints that need an office visit. If you have an afternoon well visit appointment scheduled in the coming weeks, you will be contacted in the near future to reschedule.
  • Sick visits will be directed to a patient room as quickly as possible. If a room is unavailable, then we may ask you to wait in your car until a room is open.
  • At the end of the day, we will again have a deep office cleaning to prepare for the next day.
  • We have removed books from our exam rooms to limit possible viral spread through physical contact. Please feel free to bring your own book or materials to entertain your children in the office.
  • We ask that extra family members, such as siblings, do not come along for appointments, unless no other options exist. We particularly recommend that people who fit high-risk for complications from COVID do not come along for office visits (particularly elderly people or those with pre-existing health issues)
  • We will begin using virtual visits as much as possible, beginning mid-week.
  • We will continue to screen calls for COVID risk when you call the office. We are not equipped for Coronavirus testing and we do not anticipate having testing in the office anytime in the near future. If you think your child needs testing, then we will discuss the case over the phone or by a virtual visit, and then direct you appropriately. Availability of testing is still limited to patients with severe symptoms or high-risk exposures with significant symptoms.
  • We will be continually screening all of our employees for signs of infection and quarantining appropriately.

Based on the data available to date, we continue to feel that severe disease from COVID-19 is very limited for our patient population. Given the high volume of contagious diseases that we see as part of everyday practice (influenza, RSV, etc.), we feel that we are as equipped as we can reasonably be to do our part to limit the spread to higher risk individuals in the community, including your family members and ours.