Week 2 Updates

As we move through the second week of our adaptation to the COVID-19 outbreak, we want to thank all of our families for their supportive understanding and willingness to adapt with us on the fly. We thought this would be a good time to answer some of the more frequent questions we are receiving about our office operations:

How do I schedule a Virtual Visit?

Simply call the main number during regular office hours and our front office staff will walk you through the process and let you know what to expect. We are currently using the Zoom platform that many are familiar with from work or from the schools and we are having good results.

What if I think my child needs an in-office sick visit?

We are encouraging a virtual visit first in most cases. After the video consult, we can then decide if coming into the office is the right decision. The advance screening allows us to determine if an in-office visit is truly necessary. If we aren't comfortable with our video assessment, then we will make a plan to perform an in-person assessment that protects you and us. This has allowed us to be very successful at limiting COVID contact with our office without major compromises of patient care (we have even performed physical exams and flu/strep swabs in the the car in the parking lot after determining the contagiousness risk). As always, if you feel that your child needs immediate attention, you will be directed to speak to one of our nurses.

Should I come in for my child's well visit?

We are continuing to encourage well visits. The Coronavirus is everyone's main focus, but that doesn't stop all of our patients regular health and developmental needs. Efficient patient flow in the office (our emphasis even in regular times), use of protective equipment (masks and gloves), and careful exclusion of sick patients and potentially sick employees makes us confident in our ability to safely conduct these visits.

Can I still come in for my visit if my area has been instructed to "shelter in place"?

Healthcare is an essential service, so you will continue to be allowed to leave your home for medical services. We ask you to respect the '6 feet isolation' if you happen to encounter any other patients while in the office.

Should I bring my child in for the well visit if I or my child is sick?

Please call the front desk if your child or the guardian bringing them to the office is ill so that we can determine if it is appropriate to follow through with your scheduled visit. We appreciate your courtesy for all involved.

Thanks again